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Polite dating rejection

To me, it's rude to write back. Lastly, keep the situation to yourself.

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I could keep reading like a deaf-mute and pretend he's not there, because, hey, I don't owe him anything. The most polite thing to do is to ignore his message.

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This is contrary to my normal approach to life, but so it is. Best of luck with your search!

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I know it's off topic, but I find nothing more rude than some stranger coming up to me while I'm reading trying to start a conversation just because I happen to have a book in my hand. Here are the Internet-appropriate ways to say no:.

More often than not, we scamper back to our screens to disconnect the same way.

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You have to accept the bad guy or girl role unless you want to create an even angrier person out of your former prospect. If it seems like the fellow in question actually took the time to compose a thoughtful email based on what he read in your profile, the nice thing to do is to send polite dating rejection a polite polite dating rejection telling him you're not interested.

Sheesh, how'd I let that charmer go?! Are you female, being messaged by men? Say a stranger walks up to me and asks what book I'm reading. More from our network. The other day, someone QuickMatched me.


I don't want to just delete their messages - that seems rude, when they've gone out on a limb to message me. Then there's at least some chance he'll feel no rejection at all because he'll forget the whole thing.

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Even the ones who can write a nice personal e-mail on round one may go mouth-foamy on you if you send a polite decline. But yes, I am rude and terrible, and I'm sure my karma is so stacked against me at this point that I will be single for life.

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I know it may feel crummy, but not responding really is the best option. Lauren, 28 "When a guy asks me on a date over text I pull the awkward, 'Suuuure, let's find a dayyyy,' and then am vague, noncommittal, and generally annoying until we can both agree that life is SO crazy right now and In rare occasions I've given that halfway through a first, but only when it was really painful or offensive. As you can see, people are pretty evenly split between "not replying is unspeakably rude" and "replying just to say no is a terrible insult.

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Best of luck,' and they are always great about it. It's OK not to be impressed, but I would appreciate 15 seconds of your time to know that you're not interested.

From the up-front "No thanks" to the "long, slow good-bye."

Yeah, I also went the ignore-route when I received a message from a man on OKC that was obviously not a polite dating rejection match for me.

Charlize, 30 "When a guy asks me out on a date in person and I want to decline, I usually say that I'm in a relationship. There are numerous, individually perceived reasons for a no at the outset. A degree of thick skinnedness is a prerequisite. I can tell you that this is an experience about as pleasant as a root canal and provides an ABRUPT reminder that time does not heal all wounds. If most of your dating interactions happen online, things can be a lot different.

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The Guyliner at The Huffington Post recommends one of these all-purpose, but kind responses:. I think that most people perfer to know even if it's bad news.

Since then I made two promises to myself: There's no rejection in the traditional sense. Inevitably, people whom we have chosen not to approach then approach us.

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For like 3 milliseconds, you get my hopes up when I see that someone has written me back, and then I open up the letter to find out you wrote me to tell me the exact same thing that I could have figured out if you hadn't written at all. When I was single I was on several dating sites, and it would never fail to irritate me when women would simply ignore an email.