Matchmaking cod aw Sledgehammer Games issues a statement regarding Skill Based Matchmaking in Advanced Warfare

Matchmaking cod aw

You look so dumb attacking them all the time.

But honestly, part of the fun in Call of Duty is destroying the other team sometimes. Well another person could ask how is stats fair for another team…?

Sad to know and say that the COD community especially on this site have become losers and whiners always complaining about SBMM over and over and not realizing they themselves are the problem they are not winning coz they are simply not good enough they prefer to play against newbies who are matchmaking cod aw ducks, what an epic Shame!

Activision, as with any other company, goes where money and growth is. There is little player and gun variety when I play, making the experience less enjoyable. And as I said, some of my friends are waaaaay better than me in the game and have the stats that reflects matchmaking cod aw that, yet they still have great matchmaking qualities.

Spikes make it fun and that is why it makes no bloody sense. I do lag in AW, but its from someone else in the house streaming a movie.

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I honestly dont know why everyone else has lag problems. Because of the sbmm.

I just thought it teacher fired for dating former student funny I was able to make profit out of this ridiculous system and he just got butthole over it.

Just deal with the fact that you were never as good as you thought you were.

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Liked the option to try my skills against people at a higher level. Ghost is the best CoD out of the last 3.

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Until People find something new to complain. Aw was number one is sales this year but i can garauntee its also 1 in player drop off.

No, but you said there was a correlation, which is kinda ridiculous. You want ghosts bullets to go away make a dual-host system. Then he goes on to say its the matchmaking cod aw match making system that always been in cod. The sad truth is that noobs outnumber the good players. Anything connected with this game seems to be a loser.

Anything else were mixed lobbies. Ignorance level over It happens all the time, no matter what game mode or time.

AW uses both DS and host unfortunatly.

After reading a massive amount of messages about SBMM over the internet, here is what I have found out:. I enjoy from AW and I have no lag at all. No fucking way is that happening for me, ever.

All the reasons have been explained before. How is PC gaming expensive?

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Play Call of Duty: The only way SBMM and high connection quality could ever work together is by using dedicated servers.