Hook up sound card to receiver Best PC Sound Card To Use With A Receiver?

Hook up sound card to receiver

And why is optical bad?

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If they have only stereo support, you can still use all 5. I also have a Power Supply so i can power up the card too if need be. Home About Naxos Records. Computers must have wifi.

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Your house or car quickly fills up with CDs. Either your computer has to be close to your stereo, or you need a very long cable. Your stereo thinks its just another input. I do have one question. June 7, You get two modules: Ask a new hook up sound card to receiver.

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I can provide hi quality posts for you. I see, thanks alot for your advice. March 26, 7: It should still work through HDMI though.

My only problem is that my PC only has 3. It might be that this is one of those rare cases where the motherboard doesn't have DTS or Dolby Digital required for 5.

Although this is horrible for watching video on the T.

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The soundcard isn't going to do any processing unless its hooked up via analog, which is simply too much wiring if even possible. I'll have to take your word for it. And do you maybe now how I could fix the problem with running my graphics card to my receiver back to my tv?

This is a bit excessive for a home system, but its 8 inputs and outputs let me hear and, if I want, record anything up to 7. MagicPants Jan 13,1: Our IT department provided the reply shown below. Apple make a device called the Airport Express. Can you not take optical in?

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Or a way to lock the the extended display? Connecting Audiophile Sound Card to 7. Very few sound cards have a coaxial output, most have Toslink, as well most motherboards with onboard sound have Toslink. High quality sound with no interference Cons: What audio card are you using? Only 16 - 24 bit audio options.