Highest dating level kim kardashian Is Dating in Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game Worth It? 8 Reasons Why It Totally Isn't

Highest dating level kim kardashian

Going to parties is always more beneficial. Next to your date's name is a button that allows you to send them a gift.

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If you want to rise to the top of the A-list, it's best to leave dating to the D-list. You're too good for this game's loser guys anyway. Do note that this will take time, patience and a lot of money. If you would like a second baby you need to max out your relationship to 15 points. They no longer matter. Homes are a big puzzle.

I'm too selfish for Kim Kardashian's lifestyle, which is a sentence I never thought I'd say. Conversations with the in-game Kim don't come with many options. The first time, they told me I looked horrible.

If you ignore your date for a day, they call to break up with you.

This, in a way, mirrors a fact of Kardashian life: The nursery is where you will find your baby. Retrieved from " http: Because what are people but stepping stones to fame?

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Their one-room, blandly decorated apartment. Can't network or flirt at the office, right?

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Ad blocker interference detected! The same facial features in different combinations, the same outfits with a few different accessories. Adopting will cost of you hard earned Kash. Once you get your baby, Ray Powers and Kim Kardashian will send their congratulations.

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Buying an expensive outfit can get you more fans instantly until you max out. It will be there while you continue your lavish Hollywood life. There is a slight upside to this feature though, which is that they're required to wear what you give them, so you can high dating level kim kardashian them in something really ugly when they're pissing you off. Hollywoodyou can either get a baby with your partner, or adopt a baby from the game!

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Throw all of your archaic ideas about relationships and hard work out the window. In these wanderings, you start to see the same bland characters in the usual haunts.