Dating stanley 45 plane Stanley 45 Combination Plane

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Dating a Stanley 45? If you want to cut a bead, or anything else for that matter, way in the middle of a wide board, the distance between the fence and the main stock is rather great.

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The first type had a thumbscrew for attaching it to the datings stanley 45 plane and had a tendency to break. How do you get help from FWW with a website issue?

Beware 'New' Zyliss Vises 11 replies. This particular model, the Stanley No. In Search of replacement cabinet roller latch 1 reply. Exotic Wood Pen Blanks The earliest cutters do not have the cutout on them to engage the pin on the cutter bolt adjustment screw, so these older cutters cannot be used on those models of the 45 that have the adjustment screw, unless you want to make the cutouts yourself.

For a few years afterward, the planes came equipped with slotted brass screws. If it's just plane type "Stanley", then it's a type 10if it has a fancy font "Stanley" in a box, then it's a type 11 or type 12 An issue of Stanley's "Tool Talks" published in the 's, titled "It's a Big Job Assembling and Packing the No 45 Plane," reported that approximately 1, separate casting, machining and assembly operations were required to made each No 45 and that a total of parts were used.

Sharpen the beading and sash cutters on the flat surface only to maintain profile of cutter.

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Setup time isn't a whole lot more than a setting up a router and bit in a router table. Joinery Have a question? The plane can also be equipped with extra bottoms, that were originally purchased as options. Blood Grove for Meat Cutting Board 5 replies.

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Best Cabinet Design Software 4 replies. The images that follow in order show a catalog cover, a Type 1 model, a close-up of the Type 1's fence, a Type 5 in its original rare green box, the commonly missing parts, the two style of cam rests, and an earlier wooden carrier for all the cutters.

Makita Thickness Planner feed ro The screws used to secure the parts in dating stanley 45 plane also offer a clue about the plane's date. Delta Reeves drive problem.

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If you're missing one of these parts, you can step to the dating stanley 45 plane of the "Need parts for my 45 " line. Tablesaw horsepower question contractor vs cabinet.

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Inca Table saw and Bandsaw for sale 4 replies. Unlike the wooden planes that the 45 replaces, there is no complete bearing surface ahead of the cutter. One is short, the other, sometimes called the heading gauge, is longer.

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This style proved too costly to manufacture and was quickly redesigned to the form most commonly found with the plane. The regular fence is not used for this operation.


Thank you, Bob P. The bottoms are dedicated to a particular size, and come equipped with a cutter of the appropriate size.

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What was the issue you had Smitty? Look all around the fence for any signs of repair.