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By the s the company was in financial difficulty, dating griswold cast iron pans competition from manufacturers of more modern products while struggling with internal labor disputes and declining quality. The durable and reliable material of the pan makes it ideal for cooking any type of item.

I've been lucky throughout the years, most all of my cast iron has been given to me.

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It is usually abbreviated in reference as HR or SR. Vintage griswold cast iron skillet, clean, smooth cooking surface, no pitting, no rust, no wobble.

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Suddenly, every surface of my kitchen is covered with Griswolds and Eries and Wapaks and Wagners in various stages of restoration, and I fear checking my bank account online. While "trademark" is the more properly applicable term, "logo" is often used and should not be regarded as incorrect. Now, those pans are banished to the basement, and I've been haunting junk stores and Ebay for dating sites american month. I have one ERIE 7 that is really rough with grinder marks. My big fear is wasting money on a fake when the cheap Lodges would have been better This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat They seemed to coat just the outside of skillets and lids in the porcelain while the inside remains black iron.

Griswold Cast Iron

The Dutch Oven is marked as such: Manufactured with different logos throughout the years, the Griswold Company produced cast iron pieces from until Like the Erie skillets before them, the Griswold skillets can be divided into six distinct configurations.

I am positive that this piece ever had contact with a stove top or oven.

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Entire books have been written about Griswold cast iron. Using this table, the approximate time period of manufacture of a Griswold skillet can be determined. Usually the logo without the city of manufacture, ERIE, is a signal that it was not made by Griswold Manufacturing Company and should give you pause for thought.

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Its very smooth under all the grime. The thing should have been melted down and redone.

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